Chocolate Truffles 

Chocolates are the ultimate indulgence for me…food wise! I usually refrain from the temptation and stick to more healthier options if craving desserts. But the festivities do call for something indulgent, don’t you think so?! 😉 Besides, nobody says no to chocolates and as expected, my hubby does love them too☺️

Chocolate Truffles  How to make chocolate truffles Perfect chocolate ganache recipe Polkapuffs recipes Christmas recipes

So the last from this Christmas is going to be these delicious, sinful Chocolate Truffles. I can go on eating them all in a go if I weren’t afraid of putting on a pound with each bite😜 nope….can’t take that risk.

Making this recipe doesn’t call for any thermometer or any other fancy gadget. It’s just a bit of eyeballing the situation…and you’re all set. Obviously for that one needs to master the art of making the perfect ganache. I will share exact recipe for the same in grams (use a weighing scale), if you follow the measurements correctly, you will end up with the most luscious and shiny ganache ever. Either use this ganache to fill within a cake or to dress a cake. Make truffles if your like me, or simply pour over favourite Brownie and indulge your tastebuds!

I prefer keeping them simple and hence just rolled these beauties in some good quality unsweetened cocoa powder just before serving.

Chocolate Truffles  How to make chocolate truffles Perfect chocolate ganache recipe Polkapuffs recipes Christmas recipes

Here are a few variations you can use to decorate your truffles. 

Funfetti/ sprinkles/ edible shimmer powder: After the ganache balls have set well in the refrigerator, just roll each ball in some funfetti/ sprinkles or edible shimmer powder. It is one of the easiest things to do and kids particularly enjoy them. These are easily available in any store that specialises in bakery and decorative goods. (I personally prefer Arife, as there is a huge variety of each of these things)
Chocolate: This is a very common option, melt some Chocolate chips of a cooking chocolate bar, let it come to room temperature and then dip the set ganache balls in the chocolate and let them set for about 15 mins in the refrigerator.
Nuts: I love the nut encrusted truffles. Crush any nuts of your choice in a bowl (I prefer pistachio for it’s beautiful green and pink hue) and coat the set ganache balls in the crushed nuts. They look pretty and add a whole new flavour dimension. Hazelnut or walnuts too make for an excellent choice.

Now for what you can add within them, in terms of flavour. 

Liquor: Fruity liquor (raspberry, coconut, lemon, strawberry, etc) or even something like rum/ whiskey, etc can be added to the ganache mixture once it has cooled down a bit and just before you begin making the ganache balls. If you add the liquor when the ganache is too hot, the alcohol will evaporate and there won’t be much flavour left behind.
Essence/ extract: Almond extract or the good old vanilla is always such a lovely flavour.

Let’s learn an easy and precise recipe….

Yield: 10 large truffles

Equipment: a saucepan, a heatproof bowl, parchment paper/ baking paper, a small scoop of a tablespoon, measuring spoons/ cups.


170 gms bittersweet dark Chocolate (morde)

5 tbsp heavy whipping cream

21.26 gms unsalted butter (1.5 tbsp approx)

1/2 tbsp vanilla extract

Cocoa powder as needed to roll these truffles (I used Hershey’s)


Heat water in a sauce pan, once it’s boiling gently, place a heatproof bowl over the sauce pan in such a way that the bowl does not touch the water below (double boiler).

Place chopped chocolate, cream and butter into the bowl and let these melt slowly.


Once the chocolate has melted into the butter and the cream, take the bowl off the double boiler and gently mix everyt with a silicon spatula for a minute. Do not over mix. Once the mixture comes to room temperature, add vanilla extract, mix and refrigerate for two hours.


If you refrigerated it for longer, then let the ganache become slightly soft before rolling it into balls. I used a tablespoon to measure the ganache and rolled them into balls and the quickly rolled every ball into the cocoa powder. Refrigerate until they need to be served/ packed.


Make sure the ganache is not runny, it needs to be firm when being rolled into balls. Ensure you use a good quality cocoa powder as that adds much flavour. Alternately, roll in icing sugar if you wish to avoid cocoa.

Chocolate Truffles  How to make chocolate truffles Perfect chocolate ganache recipe Polkapuffs recipes Christmas recipes

These are so tempting…it’s hard to resist really😜 I’d love these as Christmas gifts too….so I am sure so will your loved ones!

Chocolate Truffles  How to make chocolate truffles Perfect chocolate ganache recipe Polkapuffs recipes Christmas recipes
One of the easiest things to make for the last minute prepping…☺️



Adapted from my baking addiction


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